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A Slice of England

Natural History Museum – A Fantastic Day Out in London

My son Mark wanted to have a day out in London for his 8th birthday – which we all embraced happily!- NHM, Natural History Museum is one of his favorite spots in London. NHM is a home to more than 70 million wonderful specimens from the natural world. In their permanent galleries, the museum has a broad range of exhibitions about Earth and Life on Earth. My son especially loves the age of dinosaurs  – check out the terrifying T.rex!- , marvels at the blue whale, the largest animal in the world.

Red zone in the museum hosts our ever changing planet, space and the natural forces that shape it. You can even experience what it feels like to be caught in earthquake and witness the devastating impacts of volcanic eruptions.

 Above all, admission to NHM is free of charge, what a fascinating place to explore for all ages, if you are inLondon. The wonderful museum building is a piece of art itself, and it looks magical with a touch of snow 🙂

And right across the NHM is the wonderful Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the world’s greatest museums of arts and design. One of the Exhibitions they are hosting at the moment features the photographs of the Queen Elizabeth II by royal photographer Cecil Beaton. This exhibition celebrates Her Majesty in her roles as princess, monarch and mother and coincides with the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne. This museum is also free of charge and a fascinating spot to explore.

Hope these get you in the mood for exploring fascinating sites, happy travels!

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Blossoms and exotic butterflies at the RHS Wisley Gardens

We have had a mild winter in England so far (and now we’re feeling the chill in the air!), which resulted in early blossoms in the trees.

We were at the RHS Wisley Gardens at the weekend, and it was incredible to see blossoms and buds on the trees, even daffodils – little too early!

Snowdrops are everywhere and gorgeous to look at. We are expecting some frost and colder weather, so here is the hope for the blossoms to survive.

RHS Wisley Gardens are hosting the exotic butterflies at the Green House until February 26th and that really is worth seeing if you are around.

They are absolutely beautiful, and the tropical plants and the warm air transport you to exotic locations.

Hope you enjoy the butterflies!

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Time to be Thankful and Share the Love of Food

I prepared a Turkish stall for my son’s school’s Christmas event; there were yummy Turkish Delights all the way from Istanbul (my heartfelt thanks to my sweet sister Oznur and my parents who very kindly provided them); lovely Turkish “blue eyed” key chains and necklaces; wonderful dried peppers, baby okra, aubergines (eggplants);

I made some spinach and cheese fillo pastry and let folks try them. There were copper pots, Turkish coffee pots and lovely little hand painted pottery for spices and dips. It was just wonderful to talk about food, hear everyone’s happy memories visiting Turkey. And it was wonderful to share all good things Turkey, my homeland has offered.

I just wanted to express how grateful and thankful I am for all the support from my family, friends and you all, who kindly share love of cooking.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and Festive Season; it is time to be thankful. And why not revisiting some wonderful appetizers like the cheese & spinach pastry, or red pepper paste & walnut dip or a lovely aubergine (eggplant) recipe from the blog to share with family and friends? I feel they all taste better when shared 🙂

My best wishes,

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