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Lockdown Cooking Ideas from Ozlem’s Turkish Table (Signed copies now 30 % Off)

Merhaba dear all,

Semolina sponge cake in syrup; Revani

I hope this note finds you all well. We have been doing lots of home cooking and baking with the children and preparing food for the homeless and folks in self isolation, during the lockdown. There is a great comfort in home cooking, especially wholesome Turkish cooking – not only takes your mind off things, but a great activity to do with kids at home in between home schooling. If you are on social media, I do live videos at my Ozlem’s Turkish Table instagram and facebook pages too. Here is my Revani, Semolina sponge cake recipe we baked with my daughter, as well my Revani you tube video here.

Flexibility is the key especially at challenging times like this, so by all means experiment with the ingredients you have and substitute when needed; I try to give options at my recipes and at my you tube videos, like at my Baked Meatballs and vegetables casserole video here (courgettes, runner beans, peas all would work here as an option)

Signed hardback copies of Ozlem’s Turkish Table cookery book, now 30 % OFF

I got this lovely note from Claire, she says “My Christmas present from my brother and Turkish sister-in-law was your fabulous cook book. It turns out that my local corner shop is stocked full of Turkish food, so I’ve been having a great time trying out your recipes! There’s generally something in the book for anything in my veg box (other than parsnips!), and it’s all turned out delicious. Now that I’ve got the pastry, I might brave trying kunefe this weekend, if I can get the right cheese. Thank you for keeping me so well-fed in lockdown”Thank you dear Claire and all folks who kindly sent notes on how much they have been enjoying the recipes, especially during the lockdown period. I am very happy to hear recipes enjoyed and bring some joy and comfort.


Signed copies of Ozlem’s Turkish Table now 30 % OFF via my publisher GBPublishing at this link and it is delivered promptly worldwide, including US and Canada. We hope this would help with delicous wholesome Turkish home cooking during lockdown. It can also be a lovely gift to a foodie, with Mother’s Day approaching.

Lockdown Cooking and Happy Ramadan – Ramadan Mubarak – wholesome, easy meal ideas

Spicy bulgur and lentil soup, Ezo Gelin Corbasi

Happy Ramadan, Ramadan Mubarak, Hayirli Ramazanlar to all observing. Turkish food offers plenty healthy, convenient choices at this special time in Muslim calendar. Our iftar meals would traditionally start with a wholesome soup, such as this Spicy bulgur and lentil soup, Ezo Gelin Corbasi – one of our favourites; make a big batch as it freezes very well.

Vegetarian Pide, from Ozlem’s Turkish Table

Many of my readers have been doing a lot of baking especially during the lockdown and this Vegetarian Pide, Turkish oval flat breads with cheese and vegetables, have been very popular – easier than you think! Here’s my recipe link; you can use any veg you have at home that needs using. You can bake the pide ahead of time and give a gentle reheat before you eat. Once it is cooked, it freezes well too, as a whole or in slices, wrapped in foil.

Turkish bean salad with sumac onions, olive and eggs – Fasulye Piyazi

We have been eating a lot of cupboard staples such as tinned chickpeas and beans; they are a great source of protein, healthy and convenient. You can flavour beans beautifully as in this Turkish bean salad with sumac onions, olive and eggs – tangy sumac adds a lot of flavour to the onions. It makes a wonderful lunch or can be a part of Ramadan iftar meals with grills aside too; you can substitute beans with chickpeas in this salad too. Here’s also my You Tube video link for this delicious Turkish bean salad.

Baked aubergine kebab with chicken – Patlicanli Kebap

Baked eggplant kebab with chicken, onions, peppers; Patlicanli Tepsi Kebabi

How about this yoghurt and spices marinated Baked aubegine kebab with chicken, Patlicanli Kebap? An impressive dish to serve, easy to make too. Aubergines here are double baked, which intensify its flavour; you can marinate the chicken ahead of time – leftovers freeze very well too.

Green (runner) beans cooked in olive oil – Taze Fasulye

Turkish cuisine is based on seasonal produce and we love vegetables. This green beans cooked in olive oil with onions, garlic, tomatoes, Taze Fasulye, is a national favourite. Also gluten-free and vegan, it is best to prepare ahead of time and let the flavours develop, it tastes even better the next day. French beans, dwarf beans would all be good for substutition – a delicious, healthy choice for Ramadan too.

Istanbul; we will meet again..

Glorious Hagia Sophia, Istanbul – hope to see you again soon

I have meant to fly to Istanbul end April, to see my mother, family and also run my Turkish cookery classes and  events in Fethiye and Kalkan. With the current pandemic, it was not meant to be. I am hopeful that we will meet again and see our loved ones soon, fingers crossed. Until then, we will keep on bringing a bit of home with our food and reconnect with family, friends and share our food virtually. We baked this Turkish bread rings with sesame seeds, Simit, our popular street food with the children the other day. It certainly brought a huge dose of home and smiles; here is my recipe link, I do hope you enjoy it too.

Stay well, keep cooking, afiyet olsun,



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Fascinating Istanbul and Grand Turkey Tour 2012 – Special Easter Break – Registration Continues

Happy New Year! I wish you all a happy, healthy New Year with opportunities to explore exciting destinations.
I wanted to remind you my exciting Fascinating Istanbul and Grand Turkey Tour 2012 – I would be happy to email you the tour brochure, if you are interested in, just let me know your email address at the comments section, thank you.

The tour will be from April 2nd thru April 12th 2012 and I will have the pleasure to host this wonderful tour. It will be very special to be in Turkey during the Easter period, with visits to the Hagia Sophia Museum, which once was the largest church in the world prior St Peter’s in Rome (the photo above is the entrance of Hagia Sophia), Hagia Triada Monastery in the charming Princess Islands,

The fascinating ancient city of Ephesus; the best preserved ancient classical city at the Eastern Mediterranean and

a visit to The Virgin Mary’s House, where we will attend the Morning Mass on Easter Sunday.

We will not only enjoy the wonderful Turkish cuisine, but we will also learn how to make it, including a baklava class:)

We will visit the Spice Market to stock up wonderful spices like cumin, red pepper flakes, oregano and many more, that is essential in Turkish cooking,

We will view world famous Turkish rugs, take a demo on how they are made and if you like, treat yourself to one these wonderful treasures:)

Above all, wonderful Turkish hospitality to be enjoyed over delicious kebab or a glass of cay (tea). If you like to join us to explore the fascinating land of Turkey through a local’s perpective, please let me know -Tour is limited to 15 participants.
It would be a pleasure to explore Turkey together!

Happy travels,

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Strasbourg Treats & Happy New Year!

Greetings to you all! I wanted to share a few more festive moments from Strasbourg before we say farewell to 2011. Strasbourg is known as the ‘Capitale de Noel” and it really is true. The town looks very festive with wonderful decorations and lovely Christmas markets.

This is the one part of the traditional Christmas market; it is very atmospheric next to the grand church in the old town. There are French, German, Swiss stalls selling ornaments, gluewine, chocolates -which you can’t get enough!!-, hot chocolates and many more:)

Roasted chestnuts are sold on vagon stalls all around the town; it really reminded me of my childhood and eating them from street stalls in Istanbul; the smell of roasted chestnuts are divine.

Can you ever have enough chocolate, especially at this part of the world? Guess not. We have been on a diet of chocolate, wine and all treats, happy days. These piggy cochons, chestnut dessert and all chocolates have been very welcome:)

Judith kindly treated us to Kugelhopf, a specialty of Alsace, northeastern part of France. It looks very pretty with roasted almonds at top, and dust of icing sugar. It is part bread, part cake, quite smilar to brioche but not as rich. We enjoyed it over breakfast with some jam. It is wonderful even next day when sliced and toasted.

As we say farewell to 2011, my best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy New Year. I do look forward to sharing many more delicious moments in 2012:)

Happy New Year !


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