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Happy (Past) Sugar/Ramadan Feast – Gecmis Mutlu Bayramlar!

This post has been intended two weeks ago, but my laptop had other plans and got broken. Now that it’s fixed and back to life – joy to the world!- I am back! Apologies for not being in touch for a while.

Early September, we celebrated the end of Ramadan, so Happy Belated Ramadan Feast -or as we call it “Sugar Bayram”. We celebrate the end of a month of fasting with arrays of delicious sweets and desserts. We visit friends and family and enjoy these treats, and Turkish Delight is amongst them. When I was in Istanbul in August, I discovered a new Turkish Delights shop in Ortakoy, their name is Yeni Ugurlu Helvacisi – I was delighted with this discovery, they have a vast array of Turkish Delights – plain ones, with rose water, with pistachios, with chocolate(!), with coated shredded coconut, all amazing. If you ever stop by in Ortakoy while in Istanbul, do check them out.

And while in Ortakoy, one cannot resist going through the market – it is especially very lovely on Sundays. Here is a little colorful snapshot to brighten the day!:)

One Response to Happy (Past) Sugar/Ramadan Feast – Gecmis Mutlu Bayramlar!

  1. Ozlem's Turkish Table September 13, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    They are such treats wherever you can grab them – I have heard that the Lebanese version is wonderful too, they use rose water in them, too, aren't they? Enjoy!

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