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Ciya – Where Traditional Turkish Recipes Kept Alive

One of the highlights of last week’s Istanbul trip was visiting the Ciya ( Restaurant at the Asian side, and what a treat it was. The headchef Musa Dagdeviren is now internationally known, and so deserve it. His passion is to bring out the forgotten recipes, dishes alive with adding his own touch. Ciya’s vast menu covers recipes from Mesopatamia to the Ottomans, from the Balkans to Caucasia, and focuses on regional dishes. I was delighted to meet them and I hope they keep on treasuring those wonderful recipes and pass them on.

The charming Ciya was a feast to all senses; I tasted the wonderful Pazi Borani (with a yoghurt base sauce), the stuffed dried eggplants with aromatic rice and ground meat, bulgur pilaff rice with wild herbs, and a dollop of yoghurt by the side. I could have kept on and on if I had any space left.. Highly recommended for a real foodie treat.

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  1. thewhiteplates June 11, 2011 at 11:28 am #

    I was so excited to see this post. I was in Turkey in the summer and loved all the delicious vegetarian food- Ciya Sofrasi was my favorite restaurant of the trip! The staff were so nice to me! I wish I could create some of their dishes back here in Canada (they should write a cookbook!).

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