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Turkish cuisine provides healthy, hearty, delicious food for family and friends.
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Let's Do Lunch; Delicious, Healthy and Affordable – Turkish Style

I had to share this experience with you. My friend wanted to prepare a Turkish mezze lunch for her guests. So we took the morning off from the daily chores and very much enjoyed a couple of hours of preparing and sharing delicious Turkish mezzes. This was my friend’s first experience of Turkish cooking and I am delighted to say that she is now a Turkish food fan:)

In a couple of hours, we prepared the bulgur wheat salad with pomegranate molasses (under “Salads” in the blog), Corgette/Zuccihi fritters with feta and dill, the Walnut and red pepper paste dip and the Lentil&bulgur; patties (all under “Appetizers and Mezes” in the blog). My friend couldn’t believe how easy it was to pull these together, how delicious, healthy and affordable all these were. Indeed it is very true; Turkish food makes use of fresh produce, nuts, olive oil and spices. We don’t use cream or other rich ingredients. Instead we use spices to flavor the dishes, so at the end, you don’t feel heavy.

And another great news is that you can prepare all these a couple of days in advance and keep in the fridge, a very convenient, hassle free way for entertaining (these mezes actually taste even better the next day!)

I know many of you really enjoy following the recipes and I hope this may encourage you to try to make them. Why not getting together with friends or family and prepare a Turkish meze lunch? I feel once you give it a go, you will keep on making and enjoying them.

As always, your questions are always welcome, I would be very happy to help.

Happy Cooking and Afiyet Olsun!

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